01/05/29 – # 37 Sabine County Courthouse, Hemphill, Texas and #38 San Augustine County Courthouse, San Augustine, Texas

Hope you all had a very safe and Happy New Year. I did, but with it coming in the middle of the week seems that nothing got done. Okay, so I should be well rested and ready for a good 2020 start on my Courthouse Tour. Today looked like the perfect day to do that, 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I checked my map (I like using paper maps) and Hemphill, Texas would be my destination. San Augustine is just up the road and if time permits I’ll ride on over there.

I rolled the Big Bike (H-D Ultra) out of the garage, did a pre-flight on it, and we were ready to go. Rode over to Point Blank and had a breakfast taco at the Bullet Grill House. If you’ve never been there I suggest you put it on your places to go for good food, cold beer, good service, and fair prices. From there I got on US-190 for 80 miles, going through Livingston, Woodville, and Jasper. In Jasper turned left onto US-96 to FM-83 to beautiful downtown Hemphill. It’s a cool looking small town with the Sabine County Courthouse setting right in the middle of the town square.

Sabine Courthouse

Sabine County Courthouse, Hemphill, Texas

I love it when the county has posted a marque that actually explains the history of their fine courthouse.

Sabine History

Okay, it says, “Hemphill” but read the middle paragraph.

So, it’s three o’clock and it’s still warm, and the San Augustine County Courthouse is only 25 miles away. Got there as they were taking down the Christmas decorations, but the workers stayed out of my pictures. San Augustine is another nice older Texas town. A bit rustic, but I like it that way.

San Augustine Courthouse

San Augustine County Courthouse, San Augustine, Texas

Now the sun was starting a fast-path to setting, so I had to park the bike a little off-center to the entrance. As it turned out I was right in front of the courthouse historical marker.

Here’s what it had to say.

San Augustine History

As I mentioned, the sun was now becoming a riding obstacle being so low in the western sky, and it was also loosing it’s warming affects. Time to head for the house.

I don’t like to take the same way home when I travel. Going back I cut over to Lufkin, then straight down US-59 to Livingston. From there the back roads to Coldspring. Not a bad 297 miles and two very cool ol’ Texas Courthouses.

Hope to get some more pictures soon – Only 216 left.

Later, Bud…

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