10/03/2020 – #42 and #43 Panola County and Rusk County

Today was a beautiful Texas day for a bike ride. So, I got out the Big Bike, packed a cooler, and headed north. Since I last featured the Big Bike I made a few change to it. You know personalizing them is part of motorcycle ownership and I was growing tire of its showroom appearance. I took off the tour pack and the exhaust that looks like every one else’s and put on fishtails. Baggers are supposed to have fishtails (at least my baggers are). Also added chrome rails atop the saddlebags. Oh, and a Bad Lander seat that I’ve had on the shelf for about 8 years. You’ll see it in the pictures.

After my last outing and missing the old courthouse in Shelby County, I decided to ride through there and get that picture. After all it right on the way to Carthage, Texas and the Panola County Courthouse.

Shelby County’s Historical Courthouse

The town square in Center, Texas is under construction. But the old courthouse is a real classic.

Here’s a little history about it. Hope you can read it. The courthouse appears to be in much better condition than the marque.

Glad I got that information in this blog. Now on to Carthage, Texas and the Panola County Courthouse.

Panola County is home to a couple of ol’ western singers some of you might remember; Ray Price and Tex Ritter. Tex Ritter made the song “Tenaha, Timpson, Bobo, and Blair” popular. My wife breaks into song when we travel through this area. It’s a shame she does know more of the words. Google the lyrics for a trip down memory lane (if your that old).

The Panola County Courthouse is rather new compared to the history of the area. There was no historical marker, but here is the picture.

Panola County Courthouse – Carthage, Texas

…and here’s another.

I know what your thinking, “What a great looking bike!”

It’s was getting late and I still have to get to Henderson to photograph the Rusk County Courthouse. It’s about 30 miles southeast of Carthage.

There is a large statue right in front of the Rusk County Courthouse of the county’s namesake; Thomas Jefferson Rusk. Very impressive, but it blocked the view of a lovely old courthouse. I didn’t let that stop me though, and here’s the picture.

Rusk County Courthouse, Henderson, Texas

It was getting late and I’m still 130 mile from home. Took the highway back. 320 miles +/- for the day and that new seat is not nearly as comfortable as the couch cushion it replaced. But the weather tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice and I’m already looking forward to riding.

Only 211 courthouses left to visit.

Later, Bud…

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