The Tour Begins…

                                 Bell County Courthouse, Belton, Texas

My 1st courthouse picture – only 253 to go.  However, before we get too far along I thought I might share my inspiration for such an endeavor.

A few years ago I lost a very dear friend.  Marvin died unexpectedly and left his family and I way too soon.  Marvin and I share some really great times riding, working, and socializing.  While knowing him he took many picture of Texas courthouses as he traveled on his motorcycle through Texas.  After his death the photos cannot be accounted for; so, I guess this is in memory of my friend, and to share with others as I tour Texas.

This is going to be a multi-year task, and I hope to complete it in my lifetime.  The best time for taking pictures of courthouses is naturally on the weekends when they are not open for county business.  So this restriction limits my activities to weekends only.

I have a Texas map (the paper kind) with all the county seats marked in bright pink highlighter, and as I capture each I will mark it complete.  The map also gives me a visual reference for route planning so I might take multiple courthouse picture on a single weekend trip.

Also, keep in mind the post are in reverse chronological order – last entry is at the top.  This is the nature of blogging websites so I can’t change it.  If you click on the “Blue” link to the right called “Blog” it will take you to all the courthouses I’ve got so far.

So, let’s saddle-up and go see Texas – One Courthouse At A Time.  

Later, Bud…