03/08/2020 – #39 Burleson County Courthouse, Caldwell, Texas

The forecast for today was sunny and 70 degrees. I did not get to take any courthouse pictures during February, and figured today was a good day to get back in the swing of things. Looked at my map and Caldwell did not have a circle around it. I have a map with all the county seats highlighted in “pink” and as I travel there and get pictures of the courthouse I put a circle around it. Caldwell is about 100 miles from Coldspring, so it was my destination for today.

When I started this project I wanted to ride as many of my bikes and have them as part of the tour pictured in front of the courthouses. That has worked out pretty well, but I have two bikes that have not had their time in the spotlight. One is a 1978 Honda CB750F Super Sport and the other is a 2013 H-D Heritage Softail. The ol’ Honda has a very cold-naturevery and is temperamental, so I opted for the Heritage. 103 cubic inches of smooth V-twin power. I sound like a dang commercial – so on with the ride.


That is a great looking bike, if I do say so myself !

Getting to Caldwell is pretty uneventful. I have a couple of ways to go and both are just riding through the countryside. I chose Coldspring to Point Blank to Huntsville to Bryan to Caldwell, and came back in the reverse order.

I’ve been through Caldwell many times, but had never been to the town center which sets back from the major highways – Texas 21 and Texas 36. It’s pretty nice and has that small town feeling when standing in front of the courthouse on the town square. The courthouse is representative of the courthouses being built in the early 1920s, and with all the leaves off the trees, I could get a pretty good view of the building itself. Here it is.

Burleson County Courthouse

Burleson County Courthouse, Caldwell, Texas

I was standing in front of the courthouse looking up and thought this was a nice shot.

Burleson County Courthouse 2

And here is some history about the county. Appears this courthouse was #4.

Burleson History

So, maybe we’ll have some more nice weekend weather and I can add more courthouses to my blog, and more circles on my map. Might even get the old Hondas out more just to show them off.

Later, Bud…


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