10/31/19 #34 and #35 – Presidio & Brewster County Courthouses

I am late making this post. I think I have good reasons for my lack of timeliness, you might not agree, but I’ve been busy.  I took these pictures while making my annual trek to The Big Bend of Texas. I love this part of the World. This part of Texas is what those folks in NYC think all of Texas looks like. Let’s don’t tell ’em different. Here’s what took place.

October 23rd I picked up my toy hauler from the storage lot in Coldspring, brought it to the house and proceeded to load up for 8 days in the desert; Terlingua, Big Bend National Park, and The CASI Chili Cookoff.  CASI is the Chili Appreciation Society International. Here’s the link https://www.casichili.net/ if you would like more information.  I always take a motorcycle to ride, and this year I took my KLR Sidecar rig.

October 25th all is loaded and off I go to west Texas and the Big Bend. Arrived at our campsite at Rancho CASI de los Chisos on Saturday at noon, after spending the night in Ft. Stockton. Got set up, but had trouble unloading the sidecar. The ramp tailgate was at such a high angle when I started backing the rig down, the weight of the sidecar caused the rig to pull hard to the right, and I was stuck crooked partway down. Thankfully, Ralph was there to help me realign the rig and get safely on the ground – shinny side up.

My intention while in the area was to take pictures of both the Presidio County Courthouse in Marfa, and the Brewster County Courthouse in Alpine. Keep in mind that things out here are not close together. From our camp to Marfa is 130 miles, and from camp to Alpine is about 100 miles. From Marfa to Alpine is only 30 miles, so for picture day I would plan a loop ride from camp to Presidio via the River Road, RM 170, from Presidio to Marfa taking US Hwy 67, Marfa to Alpine on US Hwy 90, and Alpine to camp on Texas Hwy 118 to Study Butte and RM 170 to camp. This is all paved, very scenic, and good sidecar riding.

Jump ahead to October 28th, Monday. Me and the folks in camp went into Terlingua for dinner at the Starlight. Monday is half-price hamburgers and the burgers are excellent. After dinner we stopped to visit some friends that have a place in the Ghost Town. They are all from Huntsville (Texas that is). Setting around their campfire the discussion turned to courthouse pictures. I invited Johnny and Robert to ride with me to Marfa and Alpine, and we decided to meet on Wednesday morning, October 31st  for the 230 mile (+/-) ride.

October 31st is a very special day for me. Ten years ago today I had a heart attack, got restarted a couple of time and now can laugh that this date is my new birthday.

Johnny and Robert showed up at our camp at exactly 8:00 AM. They were riding Honda 250s that Robert had set up very well. Pretty impressive compared to the 250s I grew up with. You can ride all day at 70 MPH, not be exhausted at the end of the day, and get 60 MPG. They let me lead and set the pace; 55 or 60 is a comfortable speed with a sidecar. The River Road keeps your speed about 10 MPH less.

Got to Marfa and I did not remember so many trees in front of the courthouse. But behind the trees is one of the finest looking Texas courthouses you’ll see. Getting a picture of it; however, was a bit of a challenge.

Presido Courthouse 1

Presidio County Courthouse, Marfa, Texas

That’s Robert and Johnny posing with my sidecar rig in front of the courthouse. Sometimes it is nice to have company on these courthouse adventures.

Presido Courthouse 2

This picture was taken by Robert; it really shows the beauty of this old Texas courthouse. Thanks for sharing Robert.

Here’s the history of the Presidio County seat for justice.

Presido County History

Now on to Alpine and the Brewster County Courthouse.

I have been pretty much all over the city of Alpine in past years, but did not remember seeing the courthouse. Probably because it is so well hidden by all the trees around it. I made a comment (jokingly), “that the only trees in Brewster County were all right there around the courthouse.” See for yourself.

Brester Courthouse 1

Brewster County Courthouse, Alpine, Texas

This is a better picture of Johnny and Robert than the courthouse. lol

Here’s the history of the courthouse.

Brester History

To take this picture I had to stand in the bushes and lean in for a close-up. That along with my shaking affected the focus. Hope you can read it.  It was built in 1887 and is still in use today.

Another view of the courthouse from the side. It’s really an attractive building.

Brester Courthouse 2

So, it was time for lunch. Johnny knew of a good Mexican Restaurant called the La Casita. Good food, good service, great guacamole, and fair prices. I recommend checking it out if you are in Alpine.

After lunch we high-tailed it for Terlingua. Stopped at a roadside park for a brake and some homemade cookies Robert just happened to bring along – yum. On to Study Butte for gas and then Johnny’s Motorcycle Resort (building is in progress), He had some cold adult beverages to finish off the day’s ride.  After the brief visit I headed for my own camp.

Great Ride, thanks for going along.

Later, Bud…

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