10/13/19 #33 – Coryell County Courthouse, Gatesville, Texas

Yesterday I rode the BMW from Coldspring to Temple. Very boring ride, but better than driving in a car or truck. Spent the evening in Temple, and today got an early start and rode to Gatesville. It’s only 32 miles from Temple to Gatesville. Just take Hwy 36 west. I went there to have lunch with a group of riders that follow the Two Wheel Texan forum. Some of these folks get together each month just to visit, have lunch and a group ride after lunch. It’s called a “Meet-and-Greet). I had been wanting to do one of these for quite some time, so today was the day. Here’s the link to TWT.com for those that might be interested.

I got to Gatesville about an hour before the planned event. Had my camera in the saddlebag and headed for the courthouse. Very impressive, and here’s the pictures.

Coryell County Courthouse 1

Coryell County Courthouse – Gatesville, Texas

I was limited where I could stand to get a good shot and include the bike. Trying to get the dome and Lady Justice all in the same frame proved to be a challenge, but I got-er-done.  Don’t know way the courthouse appears to be tilting?  (Still learning how to use my camera.)

Coryell County History

Here’s the marque with a bit of history about the courthouse.

I walked around the building and decided I could get a better picture from the side. This makes for a much better picture, and Lady Justice has someone else on the roof with her, and I did not know at the time. I did some more research and discovered a photo from another article. Apparently, in my photo the courthouse had some prior renovations and the words Liberty and Justice were painted to match their backgrounds. So, they did not show up in my picture, but if you blow it up real big you can make it out.

Coryell County Courthouse 2

It was getting close to lunch time and meeting the other riders. Went back up Main Street to J&M Bar-B-Q. Visited in the parking lot with a few folks than went inside to meet some more. Wow! 32 bikes, and I thing two bikes were 2-up. The waitress was better than the food, but the visit was well worth the ride. I’ll probably do the next “meet-n-greet”.

I didn’t go on the group ride. Anything over 4 bikes is too many for me. So, back to Temple, and tomorrow to Coldspring.

Later, Bud…

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