09/28/19 # 32 – Fayette County Courthouse, La Grange, Texas

Saturday, September 28, 2019, its been a month since I took a courthouse picture. Time to get with the program.

I had to make a quick trip to Warrenton, Texas today to check the hot water heater in our travel trailer. Va is staying in it at the antique show that is going on in Round Top / Warrenton. The hot water heater quick working about 4 days ago and she has been taking cool showers each morning. She says it’s an invigorating way to start the day knowing the temperature will be in the 90s before noon. So, I gathered a few tools and my camera, hopped on the newly acquired BMW and headed for Warrenton.  About 130 mile away.

The event traffic on opening Saturday was terrible to say the least. It was stop-n-go for about 12 miles, and by the time I reached her venue and the trailer, I needed a cool-down shower. Checked out the water heater and the pilot will not light. Time for a replacement; let’s see a new hot water heater or a new travel trailer?

Cooled down with a large ice tea and a short visit.  Then headed home away from the direction where the traffic was still backed-up; that was towards La Grange and the Fayette County Courthouse.

Downtown La Grange on Saturday afternoon was not busy, so I parked the motorcycle in the middle of the town square and there’s only one other car (actually a suburban) parked right where the bike should have been for the picture. Oh well, I’m getting used to taking pictures around unexpected conditions. Here’s the courthouse from the front.

Fayette County 1

Fayette County Courthouse, La Grange, Texas

The sun was directly behind the clock tower so the picture of the courthouse is a bit distorted, but what a great shot of the bike.

After tanking this picture I walked around to the other side to see if there might be a better shot from a different angle. Saw the information marque on the far side of the courthouse.

Fayette County History

Love it when the county has the history displayed. Gives an extra appreciation for the courthouse.

Here’s the courthouse from the side entrance. Makes a much nicer photo – I think.

Fayette County 2

This picture shows the color effects of the different kinds of stone. Very pretty.

It was getting late as you can till by were the sun is in the first picture, and time to turn the new BMW towards Coldspring. It sure is a good road bike.  Got home just before dark.

Later, Bud…

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