07/30/19 # 29, 30, and 31 – Wilbarger, Throckmorton, and Eastland Counties

I took these pictures while returning home from my motorcycle trip to Alaska.  I’ve been trying to get caught up on things around here after being gone for 25 days.  Now it’s time to get this blog up to date.

When I shot these 3 courthouses (photographed, not shootem’ up) was at the end of a long hot ride from Hays, Kansas back to Texas on US Hwy 183.  I wasn’t sure how far into Texas I  would ride that day, but somewhere south of the Red River.  I made it to Breckenridge.  I also missed getting a picture of the courthouse in Seymour where I stopped for a water and cool down break.  Didn’t occur to me that the courthouse was less than two blocks away.  And by the time I got to Breckenridge it was getting late and I wanted to get to my motel before dark.  Left the next morning while it was still dark, and missed the opportunity to capture the Stephens County Courthouse (photo-capture).   Here’s how I got the others.

When I crossed into Texas from Oklahoma the temperature went from 92 to 102 F.  As I made my way toward Vernon, Texas, I created a mental plan to stop every 30 to 45 minutes to cool off.  I still had plenty of daylight and the towns in this part of Texas are about 30 miles apart (give or take 20 miles).  As I approach the town square in Vernon there set the Wilbarger County Courthouse.  Right in front was parking for my bike, and the traffic was light enough for a crazy person to stand in the street to take a picture.

Wilbarger 1

#29 Wilbarger County Ccourthouse, Vernon, Texas

Okay, so that’s not the front of the courthouse.  Here’s the front with no motorcycle.   I really like the columns and the railing along the top.  Also, how they used ‘V’ for ‘U’.

Wilbarger Courthouse

After taking these pictures I noticed a restaurant across the street and decided the air condition and a cold BOC would be refreshing.  Took a longer break than planned, but still had about 3 more hours of daylight.  Had a cob salad for an early supper, and off to my next stop.

By the time I got to Throckmorton, all the businesses were closed and the locals had gone home (or where ever they go).  I stopped in front of the courthouse to take this picture.


#30 Throckmorton County Courthouse, Throckmorton, Texas

I like it when the locals take the time to record and register the pride of their county.

Throckmorton History

The focus is a little off – probably from standing too close with a cheap camera.

Next stop was Breckenridge, and I’ve already explained why I didn’t get a picture.

Got up early to try and beat the heat.  Left before daylight, and rode with my bright lights on and white-knuckles, looking for any object that might want to share the road without warning.  Eastland is about 30 miles down the road, and it was just getting light as I rode into town.  You can see the reflection of the flash in the pictures.

Eastland Courthouse

#31 Eastland County Courthouse, Eastland, Texas

Eastland Courthouse History

Above is the info about the courthouse, and here’s the info about Eastland County.  “A barrel of oil for $2.60, let’s get those banks opened.”

Eastland History

That’s enough fun for now,  I’ll keep working on more reasons for a motorcycle ride and courthouse photos, and keep you posted.

Later, Bud…

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