06/08/19 # 23 and 24 – Liberty and Chambers County Courthouses

Every time I look at my map to decide which courthouse I would like to visit, Anahuac looks to be out of the way. I tend to find other places I can ride to in a day, but am quickly running out of those places. A second closer look at the map and it is only 30 miles from Liberty to Anahuac, so the plan for today is Liberty County Courthouse, lunch in Liberty, then on to Anahuac and Chambers County Courthouse.

The route I took was through Cleveland and Dayton to Liberty to Anahuac. The return to Liberty was the only route I had to backtrack, and then take FM 146 to Livingston. The traffic was light for a Saturday on back-country roads.

For this trip I took my new (to me) sidecar rig. I acquired it in April, and if you would like to find out more about that adventure check out this blog: Buds Latest Adventure .

There’s something about small town courthouses and car shows. Two weeks ago we had one in Coldspring. When I went to the Lampasas courthouse (my 2nd courthouse picture) they were having a car show. And when I got to the Liberty County Courthouse, that’s right a car show. The car show was set up on the backside of the courthouse and that allowed me to get a clean shot of the front of the courthouse. Then I went around to the other side and checked out the cars. They didn’t have any motorcycles and I didn’t take any car pictures.

Liberty County Courthouse

# 22 – Liberty County Courthouse – Liberty, Texas

Liberty County History

Here’s a little history about Liberty County’s seven courthouses.

For lunch I went to Big Frank’s BBQ. Pretty good. Big Frank came over to talk to me about the sidecar. Seems like a real nice guy, but not as big as I expected; about 5’8” and 180 lbs, but I would have ridden right past Average-Size Frank’s.  Glad I stopped the BBQ was great.

From Big Frank’s I went east on US 90 about 2 miles to FM 563 and headed south for Anahuac. The first person I saw in Anahuac was a DPS officer, he was stopping in the middle of the street to check out the sidecar rig and give me a thumbs-up as I rode by at 2 MPH under the posted speed limit. We were both smiling which I consider a good thing when you unexpectedly meet up with an officer of the law. Now to find the courthouse.

Chambers County Courthouse

# 23 – Chambers County Courthouse – Anahuac, Texas

This is another courthouse that has no information about the history. But I found the eagles on top of the courthouse very interesting. From a distance they appear to be like the eagles on top of buildings in Germany prior to WWII. I like eagles.

Chanbers Courthouse Eagle

So, the new rig performed well, and I had a good day.  230 courthouses to go.

Later, Bud…

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