05/26/19 – # 20, 21, and 22 Jasper, Newton, and Orange County Courthouses…

…not necessarily in that order.

It seems like I have not taken any courthouse picture for a very long time, it has actually been six weeks. Hopefully, I can post more often in the future, but sometimes life gets in the way, and tests our priorities. We’ve had a lot going on family-wise; birthdays, graduations, and buying more motorcycles.

The newest motorcycle can be found over at my other catch-all blog Bud’s Latest Adventure . This latest addition has left my garage looking like a maze it is so full.

So, back to the courthouse adventures. Started by getting the Africa Twin out and pre-flighting it for a beautiful sunny Sunday ride. First stop would be the Orange County Courthouse in Orange, Texas. Before leaving I did my usual internet research to find out what I might expect when I got to Orange.

The pictures of the current courthouse dated 2014 showed scaffolding at the entrance. Another picture shows it still there in 2016. There was no current picture so I ‘assumed’ the work project had been completed.

When I was two blocks away I saw this beautiful grand looking building with a huge dome on top and thought this must be the original courthouse, but instead it was the 1st Presbyterian Church.

1st Pres Church

Here’s the picture. I know this is about courthouses and motorcycles not churches, but when the church is so much more attractive than the courthouse, I think it deserves a photo moment.

Orange County

Orange County Courthouse, Orange, Texas

Here’s the courthouse as it stands today. Still got the scaffolds up. Maybe when they finish the face lift project they’ll add a historical marker that tells a little bit about the courthouse.

Orange county History

Here’s the only history I could find on the premises. The older courthouse appears to have had some real charm. Wonder why it was replaced?

From Orange it is 55 miles to Newton, Texas and the Newton County Courthouse. Newton actually has a town square in the center of town and this is where the courthouse is located.

Newton Courthouse

Newton County Courthouse, Newton, Texas

Again not much history about the courthouse.

Newton Courthouse Hisstory

Jasper is only 15 miles west of Newton, so off I go on the big red Honda.

I’ve been to or through Jasper a number of times, but never noticed the courthouse. Well it is located on the town square in Jasper. My GPS (I don’t like navigation devices, I like paper maps) told me to turn right on Houston St. and I knew this could not be right. The downtown area had to be to the left. So, I did what any red-blooded man would do, I rode around till I saw the tower on top of the courthouse. There it was right in the middle of the square one block off of Houston St. Actually, in between Houston and Austin Streets with Main St. to the west side of the building.

Jasper Courthouse

Jasper County Courthouse, Jasper, Texas

Jasper County History

It was hard to tell where the front was, but I figured it was right behind the marque that told about the courthouse. As I read the marque I checked the time on the clock and it was right on. I was also a little confused about statement that said the clock tower had been removed. Still there and working fine.

Covered almost 300 mile today. Got a little sunburned, but had a Great Day.

Have a Happy Memorial Day, but keep in mind what the day is about. Thanks to those that gave their lives for what they believed in “Our Freedom”.

Later, Bud…

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