01/01/19 – Happy New Year !!!

I have heard that on New Years Day you are supposed to do something that you would like to do throughout the year. So, I went motorcycle riding. Rode up to Crockett, county seat for Houston County. I rode around the courthouse square a number of times over the years as I traveled through Crockett or went there to eat at the Moosehead Cafe, which is right there on the square across from the courthouse. In fact, I believe Marvin captured his picture of the Houston County Courthouse while I was in the cafe having coffee and pie.

Crockett is about 65 miles from my home and I felt the appropriate bike for the picture was my 1974 Honda CB750 K. It is quite photogenic, and rather proud of its 1st Place win at the Wolf Creek Custom Car and Bike Show this past October. Compared to one of my newer bikes it is not as comfortable to ride, but it is very dependable and runs great for a 45 year old machine. A side effect of riding the bike is the attention it brings when I stop somewhere. People gather around and say things like, “My first bike was one like this, or my neighbor had one just like this when I was growing up,”

So, on to Crockett. It’s a straight shot up Hwy 19 through Trinity. Same way back. Being New Years Day all the businesses around the square were closed, even the Moosehead, so no pie today. Had the whole front of the courthouse to park. The Honda looked kind of lost in front of this huge building with nothing else around. Also, the Honda does not have a place to safely attach my camera case, so the pictures were shot with my cell phone. Here’s what I got.

Houston County 1

#13 Houston County Courthouse, Crockett, Texas

Houston County 2

This picture is cropped to show the Honda a little better. Can you tell I’m very proud of this ol’ gal?

Houston County History

The Courthouse History.

An early observation seems to be that many of the counties have had multiple courthouses, and many were lost to fires and poor construction.  I had to look up the word “razed.”  This is a word I was not familiar with the meaning.

By the time I got home the sun had set and I was cold, but other than the elements I had a great ride and a great start to 2019.  Hope you did, too.

Later, Bud…

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