01/05/19 – Another Beautiful Day in Texas

and as always a great day for a ride. Yesterday morning my friend Sam called and suggested we get together for a ride through the countryside. He had already talked to my son Scott, and nephew Rob and they were both in. We were to meet at Rob’s house in Conroe between 9 and 10, then ride west from there. I got there 10 minutes late and learned that Scott had to work (one of those demanding things that goes with being self-employed).

We got on the road about 11:00 AM and headed for FM 1375 through the National Forest. Then through Richards and on to Anderson. Of course we stopped at the only watering hole along the way, just outside of Richards. I discussed with the group stopping at the courthouse in Anderson so I could get a picture.  These pictures are with my cell phone, not the good camera, so the quality is not so good.

I’ve often stopped at the Grimes County Courthouse when passing through Anderson; it’s one of my favorites. It’s hard to miss setting high on the hill, and can be seen from all directions coming into Anderson.

grimes county courthouse 1

#14 Grimes County Courthouse, Anderson, Texas

grimes county courthouse 2

Courthouse historical marker. This is the first courthouse I’ve photographed that is recorded as a Texas Historical Site – pretty interesting.

grimes county history

Here’s some history on Grimes County.

grimes county selfie

…and here’s my riding companions for the day, Sam, Rob, and Jo (front to back). This was supposed to be a group selfie, but after Sam managed to cut me out of the picture three times, it was time to go.  I fixed it by adding my picture in behind Jo.  PHOTO BOMB!

After the photo session it was on to Carlos, Snook, Independence, and back to Conroe. Not bad for a January ride in Texas.

Later, Bud…

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