12/28/18 – Last one before 2019…

It’s Friday, the sky is bright blue and clear. There’s a brisk wind out of the north which makes the 60 degree temp feel cold.  I called my nephew, Rob and he is going to meet me for a ride to Groveton, Texas and the Trinity County Courthouse. My thinking is: it’s Friday afternoon and the last working day of the year for a small east Texas town, there should be minimal traffic around the courthouse, and a great opportunity to park my bike in front for pictures.

Got my Honda Africa Twin out of the garage, checked and aired up the tires, and we’re ready to go.

Met Rob in Point Blank and we rode to FM-356 in Onalaska. Took 356 to Sebastapol and FM-355 which leads to downtown Groveton. 356 provides great views of Lake Livingston and 355 is just a great 2-lane blacktop for 14 miles. During this 14 miles we encountered about three areas with signs that stated “Loose Gravel”.  I hate loose gravel, especially at 70 MPH. I guess the signs were old and the gravel had time to pack down, but it ain’t worth the chance, I always slow down and approach with caution. On the way back – will that’s a different story.

Before heading to Groveton, I did a little research about the courthouse. Appears Trinity County has two; one is a showplace and the other is a functioning court. Even has the office for the District Judge.

Here’s pictures of both:

Trinity County 1

#12 Trinity County Courthouse, Groveton, Texas

This is a classic Texas Courthouse.  Isn’t it a grand looking building?

Trinity County History

… the history.

… and the other courthouse.

Trinity County 2

Also, a classic Texas Courthouse.

This weekend is suppose to be in the 40s, so I think I’ll leave the bikes in the garage. Maybe work on the 1978 Honda SS, and get it ready for a photo shot.

See ya next year, Bud…

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