12/03/18 Two Courthouses and Two Surprises

Today I started my tour of Texas Courthouses.  Since I was in Temple and only a few miles from the Bell County Courthouse,  I made it my starting point for my 1st photo.

I had previewed this particular courthouse last week, but didn’t have one of my motorcycles so I deferred the photo session till today. Riding the big black H-D Ultra Classic I got a mid-morning start with beautiful weather; temperatures in the mid-60s, clear skies, but winds 15 to 20 MPH.  The wind would not have been a factor, but I was planning to make my 2nd shot in Lampasas about 45 miles away.  The wind beat me even on the big bike.  Sometimes you just got to take the good with the bad.

Got to the courthouse and to my surprise – the courthouse and downtown Belton were not ready for me to take pictures.  It was Christmas on the square or trades day or something all around the courthouse.  Traffic was extremely heavy for the town on a Saturday morning, and only the front of the courthouse was not covered with vendor tents.   So, I parked the bike in the “No Parking Zone” right in front, grabbed my camera, ran cross the street in front of the police station, focused and shot in between moving cars.   Got my picture and got out of Belton.

In my haste and confused moment I cut the clock and top off the courthouse.  I might have to do a retake if I get too many complaints about my photography skills.

Bell County

# 1 Bell County Courthouse, Belton, Texas

Now on to Lampasas.  I’ll just start with the surprise.  After 45 miles in the 20 MPH crosswind, I arrive to see the Lampasas County Courthouse surrounded by Hot Rods and Classic Cars.  I like them almost as much as I do motorcycles, but to share my Kodak moment with them was not something I had planned on.  So, again I must take the good with the bad; not all that bad.

Here’s the result.


# 2 Lampasas County Courthouse, Lampasas, Texas

Pretty cool, even if I do say so myself.

…and a little history.

Lampasas History

Hope you enjoyed today’s ride.  Tomorrow we’ll do some more.

Later, Bud…

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