12/15/18 – A couple of close ones…

Saturday morning and the sun is shinning, not a cloud in the sky and a great day to go for a ride and take pictures of courthouses. Since the temps are only expected to get in the low 60s today I though I would take a couple of pictures a little closer to home. Coldspring is only six miles away and Conroe is 40.

So I suited up for the cold, pulled the sidecar rig out of the garage and it wouldn’t start. The battery is just not strong enough to make it catch. Hooked up the battery charger and while it’s charging, checked the tires and did the rest of the pre-flight. Thirty minutes later and I’m on my way.

Pulled up in front of the San Jacinto County Courthouse and not another vehicle to obstruct the view.SJC

# 7 San Jacinto County Courthouse, Coldspring, Texas

SJC History

Here’s a little information about Coldspring, I bet you didn’t know.

Conroe is about 40 miles away and the back roads are perfect for the slower speeds I drive the sidecar. Took Hwy 150 west to Evergreen, FM-946 to Dabney Bottom Road which turns into County Line Road in Montgomery County. Worked my way through the back streets of Conroe to the courthouse.

Montgomery 1

#8 Montgomery County Courthouse, Conroe, Texas

Wow, what a different view from the one in Coldspring. Cars are parked in every space in front of the courthouse, except the one right in the middle. They must have left it just for me and the hack. You can’t really see the courthouse, it is behind all the trees. So be it. Some courthouses are like people; they are not very photogenic.  And to make matters worse, the afternoon sun is in just the wrong place.  Most of the time I can maneuver where I’m standing when I take the picture to reduce or eliminate the sunspots.

Here’s another angle.

Montgomery 2

Montgomery History

The marque doesn’t say anything about the courthouse, but I guess it implies it was one of the buildings built with brick and stone.

Tomorrow I plan to head out east and take a few more.

Later, Bud…


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