12/04/18 Four more just riding home

This morning is a great day for a motorcycle ride (who am I kidding? Everyday is a great day for a motorcycle ride).  I’m heading back to the lake today and plan to take a round about route instead of my usual more direct one.  Going from Temple to Marlin, to Franklin, Madisonville, Huntsville, and home.  Most of my route is country back roads and will add about 2 more hours to my trip that is usually less than 3.  Being Sunday, I’m hoping for fewer distractions than yesterday.

First stop Marlin, county seat for Falls County.

Falls County

# 3 Falls County Courthouse, Marlin, Texas

Something I’m finding as I get into this project is, with some of the older courthouses it is hard to see the beauty of the architecture and construction because it is blocked by these huge oak trees.  Makes for a lovely and comfortable entrance (shade from the Texas sun in July), but leaves you with a photo of trees instead of a courthouse.  At least the Motorcycle is not blocked.

Falls History

I put the camera away and suited up for my ride to Franklin.  Took Hwy 6 to Bremond.  One of my all time favorite “watering-holes” is located here, but being Sunday morning, it was closed.  Onward south on Hwy 46 to Franklin.

Robertson County

# 4 Robertson County Courthouse, Franklin, Texas

Robertson County is ready for Christmas, but someone missed the message about President George H.W. Bush and did not lower the flags.  I’ll bet that is fixed by tomorrow morning.  This is the kind of shot I was expecting of all the courthouses; unobstructed, just the courthouse and the motorcycle, beautiful Texas blue sky in the background.

Robertson History

Now on down Hwy 46 to OSR to Normangee, then FM 978 to Madisonville.  Both Hwy 46 and FM 978 are great roads for riding – rolling hills, plenty of curves and minimal traffic.

Madison 2

# 5 Madison County Courthouse, Madisonville, Texas

Very nice.  Not very impressive when compared to some of the older courthouses, but that’s what you get when your courthouse burned down in 1966.  Madison County built a new one (the one in the picture) in 1968 which was finished in 1969.  There is no historical maker stating any of this, but a friend that graduated from Madisonville High School in 1966 knew all the history.  Interesting the things you can learn over a cold beverage.

Moving on to Huntsville and the Walker County Courthouse.  30 minutes down I-45, boring.

Walker County 2

# 6 Walker County Courthouse, Huntsville, Texas

This is actually the back of the courthouse that faces Texas Hwy 75.  The front looks exactly the same, but there was construction on that side and the Christmas tree was on this side.  Just makes for a better picture – I think.

Walker History

Interesting history.

Hope the weather is accommodating for some more pictures this weekend.  It’s supposed to be cold but clear.  Might bundle up and visit Coldspring and Conroe.

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