O3/23/2019 – #17 & 18 Milam County and Washington County Courthouses

Spent last night at the house in Temple. After having breakfast at Bill’s Grill and doing the chores I came to do, I saddled up and headed to Cameron, Texas, the county seat for Milam county.

The weather was holding good for a ride through the countryside, but the wind was atrocious. There is nothing to block the wind, and as it comes across the freshly plowed cotton fields it seems to gain force. Makes for complete concentration and a sore neck and cramped mussels at the end of the ride.

Enough whining Bud. On with the tour.

Milam County

#17 Milam County Courthouse, Cameron, Texas

…and the history.

Milam County History

…and then on to Brenham, Texas and more crosswinds.

I have dreaded photographing the Washington County courthouse. Just one of those mental preparation things that I go through trying to frame the subject in my mine’s eye even before I am in front of the courthouse. I have driven / rode by this courthouse so many times I can’t count and I do not remember a time that it was not surrounded by people or vehicles. How do you get a good picture with all that to consider? Brenham is just close enough to Houston to attract loads of weekend shoppers and site-see-ers. The highway goes right through downtown and passes the courthouse on two sides. This area is always busy. Well, I got to Brenham about 5:30 PM and all my fears were for nothing. All sides of the courthouse were void of vehicles and people. There was almost no traffic; I was free to take my time and capture the courthouse from any angle. I chose the front.

Washington County

#18 Washington County Courthouse, Brenham, Texas


Washington County is rich in Texas history. Maybe when I finish the courthouse tour I’ll photograph the historical markers. Probably never happen. But, here’s the one for this courthouse.

Washington County History

If the weather holds out maybe I can travel to a few more county seats, take some more pictures and share the ride with you.

Later, Bud…

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