03/22/19 – #16 Lee County Courthouse Giddings, Texas

I really like it when people comment or share their thoughts and suggestions about my blogs. At least I know somebody is reading this stuff. Well, a while back my daughter, Tisha, called and suggested I add numbers to the courthouses. I liked that idea. So from now on you’ll know at a glance, I still got a lot of Texas to cover – 238 courthouses to be exact. Glad ya’ll are going along for the ride.

Its been a while since I got to add another courthouse to my portfolio. The weather has been the biggest hindrance, but also we sometimes have to deal with life in general. However, today all those things opened up and allowed me the opportunity to take a ride through the countryside and end the day next to Lee County’s courthouse in Giddings, Texas.

During the winter months the only good times to photograph a courthouse seemed to be weekends. With the change to daylight savings time, I now get a couple of extra hours after normal business times for the streets to clear and allow some pretty good access for my pictures. I took advantage of 6 PM Friday afternoon to have full access to all sides of Lee Counties’ pride and joy.

Lee County 1

#16 Lee County Courthouse, Giddings, Texas

The history of the courthouse is kind of interesting. Why would anybody think it was cool to model a Texas building after a New York State building? Also, the picture is made on the north side of the building. The front appears to be the west side, but that side has a fire escape which I thought detracts from the overall beauty of the building. The real cool part is the entrances at each of the corners; and for that you get a historical registry marker.

Lee County 2

Lee County History

Now for some embarrassing info on yours truly.  Hurried on up Hwy 77 to get to Rockdale before dark, and I got there okay. Rode around the downtown area and could not find the courthouse? Dark was slowly moving in so I asked (I know men aren’t supposed to ask for direction, but I did) this very nice lady at the Conoco gas station, “Can you tell me where the courthouse is located?” And in a very polite way she said, “Get on Hwy 77 and go to Cameron, Rockdale is not the county seat of Milam County.”

So, it got dark, and tomorrow I’ll stop in Cameron for another courthouse picture.

Later, Bud…

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